Music Presentations

Bill Jenkins’ World of Music Presentions Include:

  • The Four Instrument Families
  • Making Musical Instruments
  • Music of the Rainforest
  • Using Drums and Rhythms to Teach Math
  • The Latin Rhythm Section
  • Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome

Bill’s Specializes in:

  • Latin America in general, as well as special programs on Mexico, Brazi, the Caribbean and the Andrean region.
  • Asia with special programs on the Indian subcontinent and the East Asian cultures of China and Japan.
  • Africa south of the Sahara.
  • North Africa and the Middle East
  • The Roots of America’s Music with special programs on Native American heritage, our European tradition (the Medieval and Renaissance periods, the Celtic and other folk roots, and the development of the Western orchestra), and the African influence on our popular music styles.

Contact Bill about his teacher workshops, adult drumming experiences, programs for hospitals, libraries, and senior centers.
The Loose Ends

Check out Bill's rock band The Loose Ends. The Loose Ends is a DC area band that plays a mix of high energy danceable rock and roots/alternative country listening music.